The big reveal. Sooner or later?

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Recently there were discussions on the Scottishgames Facebook group about when small indies should reveal their products in order to generate as much awareness as possible. Some argued vociferously for revealing as early as possible in order to build up a mass of interest over time which would hopefully peak at release; others took the opposite view that you should reveal close to release for a maximum hit. When do you reveal?

It is a question we have had to consider recently. Our first title is due to head out of the door very soon but we have been wondering whether it is worthwhile revealing bits and pieces well in advance? As it happens, we didn’t but primarily because we have only just implemented the non-programmer/producer artwork and we really didn’t want people to see that 🙂

I have no idea what the correct answer is in terms of when is the most optimal time to start a reveal, but I do tend to think that by revealing too early you run the risk that you generate all the excitement for a product that people cannot buy – I worry that they then forget about your product when it is actually launched.

Anyway, from our point of view we are hoping to start showing a few screenshots in the coming days. It’s always an exciting (and worrying) time when you first show off your baby to the world (bad analogy really as social norms dictate that you can’t tell a new parent that their baby is ugly even when it truly is; whereas your peers and consumers are more than happy to tell you your game is poor!).

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