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Probably the toughest decision is what to post to your site first? Do you do with Hello World or do you try and come up with something witty and entertaining? If you go with the latter, do you put your best material in there given your site has just launched and you will have three readers; yourself, your mum and your cat? I have no idea to be honest, but something needs to start the ball rolling?

It’s the same with deciding what games to develop first when you first start up a games developer? Do you start off with your magnum-opus or do you start out by doing an evergreen title which everyone understands? Now that answer is likely to be answered depending on why you have decided to take the crazy decision to start a games developer. If your incentives are that you wan’t to create a game that you want to play, I would guess that your magnum-opus is going to be the first out of the box; if your incentives are to make a living and create a commercially viable company then you may be more interested in creating a game based on pure market research.

Both answers are correct, as our both incentives for starting up your own business. The main thing to remember as a company founder is that YOU hold all the cards, you will live and die by your commercial decisions. Good luck to you though, it’s going to be a fun ride!!!

(Oh, and if you are wondering what the Santa hatted globe has to do with this post, its the first result when I typed ‘hello world’ into the stock.xchng open source image library!)

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