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It's NOT like a new baby...

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Quite a few game developers I have met seem to mention a similarity between the release of your game into the wild and the birth of a new baby.

Wrong. And not just for the most obvious reasons!

Let’s be honest, no matter how fugly a new baby may well be, nearly everyone will comment on how ‘bonny’ or ‘cute’ or ‘beautiful’ they are. It really doesn’t matter what the baby looks like, it is a true social faux-pas of the highest possible order to not be complimentary to someone’s baby.

Not so with your game. Whilst your close friends and family may well give you the positive complements to keep your confidence high, your peers and consumers have no interest in your feelings. Therefore the release of that product you have slaved away over and poured your heart into is tinged with multiple emotions but mostly fear and trepidation.

So it was with that fear and trepidation that we quietly published Pumpkin Bingo onto the Google Play Store – and that fear and trepidation is still there as after a day or two we have more installs than we expected, but at the time of writing we hadn’t mentioned it anywhere – not on our Facebook page, not on our Twitter account nor on our website. Soon we *will* mention it to our friends and family in the hope that all those folks who are getting a Nexus 7 (or other Android device) from Santa will give it a go.

I’m scared!